1. I had red wine and cheese tonight

    Life is excellent :)

  2. Got given a child ticket on the bus today and saved 80p! my youthfulness had its perks :D

    Got given a child ticket on the bus today and saved 80p! my youthfulness had its perks :D

  3. "A NHS survey on attitudes to mental illness in 2011 showed that 77 per cent of people agreed that “mental illness is an illness like any other”. But only 25 per cent agreed with the statement that “most women who were once patients in a mental hospital can be trusted as babysitters."
    Patrick Cockburn (via mentalhealth-nursing)
  4. "I am an atheist myself so I suppose I should be sympathetic to Maher and Harris here, but I’m not because because it’s an irrational intellectually nonsensical point of view. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in this world. And a few thousand of them —- hell it could be a few hundred thousand of them —- are members of the extremist fringe that wreaking havoc in the middle east and causing everyone else to pee their pants. Nobody disputes that these particular Muslims are assholes. But you can’t blame the religion itself when there are more than a billion adherents who aren’t killing anybody and don’t want to kill anybody. As Affleck says, they’re just going about their lives, trying to do their best for their kids, working, praying, screwing —- everything everyone does. If Islam is an inherently violent religion, then more than a billion of its believers don’t seem to be getting the word.
    It’s infuriating. Do we condemn all of Christianity because of Operation Rescue? Is it ok to condemn all of Judaism because of the violent right wing settlers? Is Buddhism inherently violent because some Buddhist monks in Myanmar and killing people left and right? It’s not as if we haven’t seen exactly the same behavior among humans forever for entirely secular, avaricious, tribal, egomaniacal, nationalistic reasons. This is what we do! That this particular group of human assholes has seized upon religion for their justification for it is meaningless. It’s always something."

    Digby: They Don’t Even Know They’re Bigots.

    I, too, am an atheist, and I agree with everything Digby says, here.

    (via wilwheaton)

  5. 5 things

    1) I had my mid point assessment and it went ok! He said I was able to build a good relationship with patients, build up a good rapport and be empathetic. Which was nice to hear. I need to work on my examination skills though and picking the right examinations for the presenting complaint. I’m still fairly bad at that.

    2) things with my ex boyfriend are confusing but I won’t go into that on here. Although if anyone has any wise words of wisdom about love and relationships drop them into my ask box

    3) On Monday we are moving to a bigger dance studio for the lindy hop classes which is exciting

    4) I have no breakfast in and it’s raining ;( starve (until it’s an acceptable time to have lunch) or go to tesco?

    5) I have to write a 1000 word essay on a confidentiality issue I’ve seen in clinical practice and this is a hard thing to do when you haven’t seen any confidentiality issues. Argh.

  6. I’m feeling down and flat


    I feel confused and sad and everything is all jumbled up in my head and heart.

  7. holmesfan:


    i will always reblog this because its my most favorite thing ever.

    lol his face is like ‘i have just been given a gift’

  8. weirdedout:


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