1. I overthink things too much

    Why can’t I just be happy with the way things are. Why can I not seem to stop obsessing about things and going round in circles in my head.

  2. ohyeahswingdance:

    Swing Patrol on Dragon’s Den, 20th July 2014

    Dragon’s Den is a super popular prime-time show in the UK, so this is huge for the UK swing scene (and I think everyone would prefer for it not to become Zumba, thanks…)!

  3. I made macarons but they turned out flat :(

    They were more like flat marshmallowy biscuits than macarons! They were still tasty just not what I was after.

    Any baking experts out there have any idea where I went wrong? Also if anyone has a good recipe they would like to send my way I would be grateful!

  4. I get more irritable when it’s too hot outside, when I’m hungry and when I’m sexually frustrated.

    I think I’m all three right now

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