1. Blues harmonica


  2. Sitting in my bathroom, playing the harmonica… as you do :p

    Maybe this should be called the bathroom blues? lol

    Anyway, i’m still not very good…. and there are a lot of mistakes here but hey ho.  Also, you can here me breathing a lot on this video which I don’t think your supposed to hear- bad technique perhaps?

  3. What shall we do with the drunken sailor

    This was the first tune I learnt to play on my harmonica so here it- said I’d upload a video  :D (Don’t judge me too much- I’m not very good yet! )

  4. My lungs hurt!

    This summer I decided to actually try to learn harmonica properly and give it a good shot. I bought a blues harmonica book to help me on my journey to harmonica enlightenment :D

    Except the problem is I feel all out of breath after I play! The only other instrument I play is piano so i’m not used to this whole breathing malarky. I need bigger lungs!

    Its going  well though- I can actually play some blusey stuff now. I might record myself playing and post it up here if i’m brave enough :p

  5. I want to learn to play this so badly!

    If anyone by chance happens to have tabs to this riff then please send them my way :D

  6. aaaaah this rocks so hard

  7. If I ever sound half as cool as this- I will be a very happy girl

    Man that guy just oozes cool

  8. My harmonica arrived!

    I’m so excited :D

    Haha i’m so glad I bought it

    This is what it looks like

  9. So I bought a harmonica off amazon

    Yep this is probably going somewhere near the top of the list of wierdest impulse buys ever

  10. I don’t know why but…

    I really want to learn how to play the harmonica

    I had a dream the other day where I was sitting in a tube station, busking with my harmonica watching the world go by and ever since I’ve really wanted to learn how to play one. I don’t even have a harmonica nor have I ever played one before

    Tempted to impulse buy a harmonica off amazon

    Would possibly be one of the stranger things that I’ve ever impulse bought!

    I feel revision and sleep deprivation has finally taken its toll on me.

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